Local elections in Tamil Nadu at the end of October State Election Commission In Supreme Court. The state election commission has announced that the local government will announce the local elections by the end of October.

Since there is no local government election in Tamil Nadu, there is no work in local bodies. This has crippled all the welfare work. Advocate CR Jaya Sukin has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking an order for the State Election Commission and Tamil Nadu government to conduct the local elections as soon as possible.

When the case came to trial two weeks ago, why not hold a local election so far? Why not hold a local election? The Chief Justice has questioned the state’s Election Commission.

Responding to this, the State Election Commission’s ground attorney replied that the census could not be held because of the redistribution of the constituency and the voter list preparation process.

When will the final work on local government elections be completed? The Chief Justice ordered the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission to file the affidavit within two weeks.

The case was again heard in the Supreme Court today. Then,

The State Election Commission’s response to the petition was announced as the announcement of the local government election in Tamil Nadu by the end of October.Subsequently, the Supreme Court upheld the EC’s response and concluded the case.