Tamil should be the official language of India – Vaiko
Vaiko has accused the central government of trying to impose Hindi and Sanskrit on all fronts today.

Tamil language should be the official language of India, not only Tamil all the 22 languages should be made as the official language of India. Untill all language made to be the official language English should be the temporary official language.

“I am sworn in as a member of the Rajya Sabha after 23 years,” he told reporters at the Chennai airport today. Tamil Nadu faces many risks. The Cauvery dam will be completely ruined by the Megathadhu Dam. With the hydrocarbon project, Tamil Nadu is slowly becoming a Sahara desert. ”

Responding to the question of wastewater, he said, “The spilling of nuclear waste would risk 100 nuclear bombs. Tamil Nadu will become a hotbed. There is a danger of the Muttiyaru dam in honey bearing the Neutrino project and the Idukki dam in Kerala. These are the dangers that Tamil Nadu has to face,”

Responding to a question posed by Next, he said, “The central government plans to bring the next risk program for medical college students.

Talking about Hindi, he said, “Today the central government is trying to impose Hindi and Sanskrit in all fields. In a country of all faiths, This is the dangerous decade of India as mentioned in Semi Garrison – India tha dangerous decade. ”

He added that “Tamil should be the official language of India and English should be the only language of the 22 languages. This is Rajaji’s opinion.”

After completing the press meet Vaiko posed for several pictures along with his party members. His Party members gave him a huge send off in Airport.

Dhanalakshmi Rajasekar

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