“There is a biggest in corruption in Tiupati Tirumala’s Gold and Cash, Tirumala Authorities are taking a commission from banks while handling the Golds and Cash,” said Chittoor district chairperson Chinta Mohan at a peace rally yesterday. Congress Party held a peace rally yesterday to mobilize the people, demanding the protection of the property belonging to Tirupati. 

During the rally, Chinta Mohan said, “The devotees who have been accommodated in Tirupati are offerings offered by the seven pilgrims. There will not be a day of corruption to take place. Swiss Bank’s stamp on gold tapes brought to Chennai from the Punjab National Bank. How did it come? Devasthani authorities receive a large amount of commission on investment. Together with devotees, local residents must fight for seven assets and gold investment abuse. The investigation into the assets and bank investments of the officers working in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam should be investigated. ”

During the Lok Sabha Election in Tamilnadu around 1.3 ton of Gold was seized out Chennai Avadi Sevaipet Checkpost later it was reported that gold belongs to Tirumala Devasthanam. The truck was running with 1.3 ton of gold without any proper papers is to be noted.

The allegation has created a stir among the devotees of Tirumala. The Congress party is continuing to protest against the authorities of Tirumala Devastha.