Four different plots which are finally connected at a point. An unfaithful wife, estranged father and an angry boy must all face their Karma once in their life. Its an unusual story with an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

Rating 3.50/5.00

  • Samantha Akkineni
  • Fahadh Faasil
  • Vijay Sethupathi
  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Mysskin
  • Gayathrie

Plot 1 : Samantha and Faasil trying to cover an murder which made by Samantha. Samantha and Faasil are married while Samantha trying to have and affair with his EX boy friend and accidently Ex-Boy friend dies in Samantha home. Faasil and Samantha trying to cover the murder and travelling with the dead body.

Plot 2 : 4 boys trying to watch Adult movie brought a Porn CD and went to his friend home. While watching the movie one of the boy came to know that His Mom (Ramya Krishanan) was acting in the movie and breaks the TV and running to find his mother and kill her

Plot 3 : After a friend left to kill his mother 3 other friends trying to buy a new TV before his parents comes to home. how the 3 others managed to get enough money to buy a new TV within a day.

Plot 4 : Gayathrie’s husband Vijay Sethupathy left her after few days of marriage. Ashwant son of Vijay Sethupathy. After 7 years Vijay Sethupathy revisits to meet Gayathrie it was shocking for Gayathrie Vijay Sethupathy changed in to a Transgender

All these plots are mets at a single point and how all of them solved their problem. Each and every actor nailed a descent performance in the movie. Director Previously did Aaranya Kaandam which received too many awards in various aspects. Super Deluxe could be one.

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