The Union Home Ministry has written to the Karnataka government asking India to take steps to bring back Nityananda, who is hiding abroad.

Nithyananda is known for his controversy. He has placed an ashram in Ramanagar district. Karnataka State CID has filed various cases relating to Nithyananda. Police are investigating. Nithyananda is being sued by Ramanagar Sessions Court in connection with the rape of a female disciple. The lawsuit is being investigated.

Nithyananda has fled abroad amidst various controversies. He bought an island near Ecuador and created a new country under the name of ‘Kailasa’. Meanwhile, Sangeetha, daughter of Jhansi Rani, from Nattalur Kuttapattu Melathuru, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, died at the Pitadi Ashram in 2014. 

The Queen of Jhansi accused her of death. An investigation into the mysterious death of Sangeeta is also underway. The CBI is investigating the death of Sangeetha. Jhansirani had written to the Union Home Ministry demanding an investigation. Following this, the Union Home Ministry has written an urgent letter to the Government of Karnataka. It states: –

Nithyananda, who has been charged in various cases, is abroad. Nithyananda should be brought to India from abroad. For this, Nithyananda has to get a warrant out of bail in the court concerned. Thereafter, the investigating agency should investigate the Nithyananda case and provide all details to the Central Investigation Agency.

On the basis of this, ‘Redcarner’ notice will be issued against Nithyananda through Interpol. The foreign ministry will then take action to deport Nithyananda when he is found. Therefore, the Karnataka State Investigation Agency in Nithyananda’s case should take immediate steps to issue a ‘red corner’ notice against Nithyananda.