State Election Commissioner Palanisamy Interviewed

The DMK says the number of votes for the local elections is fair and democratic. State Election Commissioner Palanisamy said there was no truth in the allegation.

State Election Commissioner Palanisamy gave an interview in Chennai last night on the number of local voters. He said: –
As of 5.25 pm, ward members have officially announced the number of seats for 19,734, panchayat chairman 1,141 and union councilors 208.

Who has voted for each of the District Councilor positions and the votes of the Union Councilors? They were divided into party-wise only after they were shown to party agents.

This gives more time for the District Panchayat Councilor and Union Councilors to publish the results. There is no truth in the indictment
DMK alleges misuse of driving numbers There is no truth in the allegation. 

The vote count is honest and democratic. Thus he said Subramanian and Anandaraj, Secretary of State Election Commission were present during the interview.

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