State Election Commissioner R. Palanisamy at the Tamil Nadu State Election Commissioner’s office in Coimbatore, Chennai, yesterday, conducted video surveillance with 27 District Election Officers, Collectors, and Superintendents of Police. Commission Secretary L. Subramanian, Chief of Police (Elections) N Seshayesai and SP (Election) P. Kannammal and State Election Commission officials were present.

The commissioner gave advice on how to conduct the elections honestly and transparently. Particularly involved in the printing of party-specific ballots and the separation of ballots for non-party elections.

The first phase of the election will be to issue an employment order on 26th. In order to enforce the rules of electoral conduct, online surveillance on voting boards, video surveillance, recruiting of electoral experts, the formation of flying forces and control rooms at district and state levels.

The district-level security plan is to be finalized and the sub-voter list must be prepared and printed according to the electoral rolls for the currently released assembly elections. Identify tense and problematic ballots and consult with police officers to ensure appropriate security.

All details should be uploaded to the Commission website. The ballots must be kept ready. The Booth Slip Should be downloaded and printed and distributed today (Tuesday). The voting centers should be kept ready. Postal ballots should be issued to polling officers and other election officials. Candidate should be able to determine cost invoices, set up online surveillance at voting centers, and make videotapes

All measures should be taken to ensure that the election is conducted in an honest and democratic manner. District officials have thus been advised.