After the End of Marvel Avengers Phase I its Spider Man Far from home released worldwide. Movie exactly released after 2 months from Avengers Endgame. Avengers Endgame Technically crossed the worldwide Titanic movie collection and expecting to reach “3000” billion worldwide.

Hope the line “I Love You 3000” gives a perfect meaning now. After the Impact of Avengers Endgame there are no Post credit scenes about the Upcoming movies but there is a credit scene that predicts the there will be many movies of SpiderMan are in the list.

When Prof. Hulk bring back everyone in the universe Thanos tired to swipe all the living creatures in the Universe but Tony Stark could able to save the the World by sacrificing his life. The Genius, Play Boy, Billionaire, Philanthropist, and a Legendary will be remembered by everyone in MCU. There are no major impact scene in SpiderMan.

Movie Plot :

After the Snap Spider-Man reunites with his friends and moves to Field trip to Europe. When Fury tries to reach Peter Parker he ignores like Stark Ignores Phil in Iron Man. Venice A Water Demon attacks the place and Peter tries to rescue without his Suit but fails. Mysterio enters the action and defeats the Water Demon. Fury Talks to Spiderman to help Mysterio and gave him Tony Stark’s Sunglass. Sunglass self-programmed AI called “EDITH” it has the ability to access all system access to Stark Industries and even has the ability to access all the Defense System.

Peter Ready to fight Demons along with Mysterio but fails. Peter at a point without any double thought he’s not worth enough to have Stark’s Sunglasses so He gave it to Mysterio. What Mysterio did with the Sunglass and who Mysterio actually how he related to Tony Stark is the rest of the Speedy Story.

Spider Man is complete Fresh with a twist. Though Stark was not in the movie but you can feel him