As Per Marvel announcement Spider-Man Far From Home is out on Monday along with the spoilers. Marvel announced that there will be spoilers in the EndGame and stay alert. The trailer begins with Tom making an announcement that there is a spoiler in the Trailer “If you don’t watch the Avengers Endgame don’t want to watch the trailer because of it as a spoiler. If you watched EndGame enjoy the Trailer”.

Trailer Begins with Tom looking at IRON MAN poster and graffiti all over the cities. Peter looks with the sad face and world couldn’t tolerate the loss of Tony Stark. Nick Fury tries to contact Peter Parker with the help of Happy Hogan but Peter rejects all calls from Nick Fury. Peter moves to European tour and Fury wants him to fight against the new creatures along with Mysterio since Captain Marvel and Thor are unavailable. Peter rejects all offers from Nick and finally joins in saving the world.

Suresh Kumar

As Senior Medical Advisor in Access healthcare, Suresh straddles the neighbourly but often fender-bending worlds of reporting and editing. He will narrate any story as long as it is packed with irony and...