Sivakumar well-known actor and father of Actor Surya and Actor Karthi in a shopping inauguration hits a guy who tries to take a selfie with him. This incident happens a few seconds before inaugurating the shop.
Sivakumar who’s well known for his calmness and good in yoga hits the youth which shook everyone. Reason for hitting is unknown. The video becomes viral over the internet. Recently the guy who hit by Sivakumar shared the selfie pic.
Sivakumar hits a youth who tries to take selfie

What do people say ?

அதே ரத்தம் அப்படித்தான் இருக்கும் ? #Sivakumar #சிவக்குமார் #சிவகுமார்

— சைக்கோ சிவகுமார் ரசிகன் (@Sandharpavathi) October 29, 2018

Cell phone ah paathalae nama thalaiku kovam varum moment #Sivakumar #suryaFather #actorSurya

— mOuGhLi MoHaN (@mohanbabu_k) October 29, 2018

#Sivakumar #selfie

— Tamil Memes (@TAMILAN75068789) October 29, 2018


— Antony (@PrathepanAntony) October 29, 2018

அடேய்ய்??? #Sivakumar

— Rajan Madesh (@Rajan_hotSpur) October 29, 2018

Worst behaviour sivakumar… ????

— Franklin (@Frankli36213708) October 29, 2018


— Durai Rajan Prabhakaran (@dprabu88) October 29, 2018

யோகா பண்ணுங்க
காப்பி குடிக்காதீங்க
மஹாபாரதம் படிங்க
செல்பி எடுகாதிங்க.

– உத்தமர் #சிவகுமார் #Sivakumar

— சைக்கோ சிவகுமார் ரசிகன் (@Sandharpavathi) October 29, 2018


— மகிழன் பரிதி (@magilan2201) October 29, 2018

பங்கம்?? #Sivakumar

— Digi Chandru (@digichandru) October 29, 2018

Sivakumar hits a youth who tries to take selfie

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