Shriya Saran the popular South Indian actress went live yesterday. During the live active session, she received a filthy comment during the session. She accidentally read out the comment also. The comment was appreciating Shriya’s physical appearance. Andrei Koscheev, Shirya’s husband who was accompanying her during the session accepted the comment and said “its true and it was beautiful”

Couple enjoying the lockdown period takes the abusive comments sportively and continues the session. Around 3.7k viewers were watching live during the session. Celebrities in order to keep in touch with their fans and audience taking social media as the best medium to connect with them. Several Celebirites takes Twitter to have a Q&A session by #Ask and Several others uses Instagram Live to interact with their fans.

Shriya Saran and Andrei Koscheev married in 2018. They are currently living in Spain. Actress has also posted many pictures with her husband on Instagram. She also said that she is blessed to have such a supportive partner like Andrei. She furthermore added that she likes the word partner more than husband because Andrei Koscheev is her partner in crime and partner in fun.

Shriya Saran husband affected by Coronavirus

Shriya revealed that Andrew showed symptoms of Coronavirus, but he was not given admitted to a hospital. Since they were not granted admission, Andrews received the treatment from home. She moreover said that she and her husband sleep in different rooms and maintain a safe distance from each other.

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