Shooter full movie leaked online and links are being shared in social media. Shooter movie was originally titled as Sukha Kahlon. The Punjabi movie was directed by Dil Sher Singh and Kaushal Singh. Starting Jayy Randhawa, swalina, and Vada Grewal.

Movie produced by GK digital ended up in controversial release. Movie was initially planned to release on 11th of February 2020 letter scheduled to 21st February 2020. Punjab government chief minister captain Amrinder Singh band this movie for promoting violence. FIR was also registered against a producer of the movie at Mohali the movie was banned in Haryana also.

Since the long-term came into act The controversy of the movie was slowed down. In the meantime movie was released in online producer Pyar Singh address that they have invested a huge amount of money in the movie and it made a very close to them they will hopefully get approval for future release.

Shooter 2020 movie download link

The movie was released in regional pirate websites like TamilRockers and isaimini Tamil and also the strings are shared in social media accounts which is impossible to delete. Finding where are the links shared and deleting is highly impossible many movies couldn’t do this. Shooter 2020 become one of the victims of them

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