SFI to install bust of Surya Sen at Kolkata Port Trust office as a mark of protest against its renaming

Surya Sen, a Bengali revolutionary freedom fighter called “Master da” by many, will be the new poster boy of Students Federation of India (SFI) in West Bengal against Shyama Prasad Mukherjee after Prime Minister Narendra Modi renamed the Kolkata Port Trust after the Jan Sangh founder. 

Opposing the move to rename the port, the students’ organisation of the CPI(M) and has therefore decided to make a plywood statue of Surya Sen in front of Kolkata Port Trust head office.

 “SFI says ‘No’ to renaming Kolkata Port as Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port,” the students’ body has said on its website.  

SFI also plans to set up Surya Sen’s murti in different Kolkata port offices. This initiative is part of an all-out movement against the Modi government’s decision to rename the port. SFI has planned to conduct this movement in the mid-week of January.

They also plan to do a workshop where they will inform the citizens about why the party rejects Hindutva ideologue Mukherjee. In their draft, SFI states that Shyama prasad was an advocate of the two-nation theory and was in cahoots with the British government.

All India General Secretary of SFI, Mayukh Biswas said, “Shyama Prasad as Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University ordered to salute the Union Jack, the British flag, and expelled his students for disobeying his order. We, the students don’t want him. We want that the port trust immediately should be renamed to ‘Master Da Port Trust’.”

“The people of Bengal have not taken this well, it will not make things better for the saffron brigade,” he added.

West Bengal SFI president Pratikur Rahaman said, “Whenever Saffron brigade renames the port trust to Shyamaprasad’s name, we’ll erase that.”

Prime Minister Modi on Sunday renamed the Kolkata Port Trust after  Mukherjee.

“I announce the renaming of the Kolkata Port Trust to Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port. He is a living legend who was a leader for development and fought on the forefront for the idea of One Nation, One Constitution,” Pm said at an event in Kolkata.

Courtesy : DNA

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