Seethakaathi Starring Vijay Seathupathy as a lead role an aged stage drama artist (Ayya Aathimulam). The movie was directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan who was the director of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanum with lead role Vijay Seathupathy. Seethakaathi was Vijay seathupathy’s 25th film. Though its the Silver jubilee film for Vijay Seathupathy he might have chosen a mass commercial films to retain his mass but he has chosen Stage drama based movie that’s a way appreciatable.
The plot of the movie is all about portraying the Stage drama. Ayya Aathimulam (Vijay Seathupathy) was a stage artist performing from 1950 to 2013. By the technological advancement,s stage drama lost his fame to bring back the fame Ayya Aathumulam who completely hates films decided to act in the films. Ayya Aathumulam reached another peak in the film industry at one point of time he really wants to perform as Stage artist rather than in films. The dark side of a director plans to bring him court.
Aurangzeb plays performed in the with so much of realist way. Director of the movie could have chosen any other easy play to convey the message but the play Aurangzeb carried to the portion of the movie it was around an 8-minute single shot. Mouli played as a personal assistant for Ayya Athimulam throughout the movie. Movies like Seethakaathi are one extraordinary in Tamil Industry.

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