Naam Thamizhar party’s Chief Coordinator Seeman while addressing a press interview in Chennai mentioned that Chinmayi statements over Vairamuthu should be false statement.

“There are possibilities of making false allegations over any people. If a women doesn’t likes a man she can write anything to defame a man. Why Chinmayi didn’t took any legal action on Vairamuthu if she can’t proceed legally then what’s the point making allegation was the ultimate intention is to defame Vairamuthu?. There is no use of tweeting without any proper evidence.”

“why you haven’t made complaint before 14 years?. Because Vairamuthu was actually had a political background. To be honest Vairamuthu gave more political background now when compared to 14yrs”

Seeman also question “if Chinmayi cam speak up now doesn’t she have political background now“.

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