Recently if you come across any of your friends, family, or social media friends sharing their 10-year-old picture along with their latest picture then u might be aware of what is the 10-year challenge. This challenge recently started from Facebook and now trending in all social media’s including Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. People are more excited to share their amazing transformation of physic, growth in life and so on.

A Team tech analyst made an analysis and found that this challenge could be initiated to get the facial recognization of each an every person. Since technological advancement and usage of smartphones and social media among people are increasingly in the recent 5 years. Tech giants like facebook and google and still unable to handle facial recognization. The main reason behind the failure of facial recognization is those tech giants have only the photographs of the users latest version.

In order to improvise the quality of facial recognization, techies are in the hunt to grab the old age pictures of users and it’s under the name 10-year challenge. Latest facial recognization is now available in the latest smartphones to unlock the phone rather than a fingerprint scanner.

Nature lovers started this challenge as an initiative to show public how nature has been devastatingly channed in the past 10 years.


Rajasekar Gnanam

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