On May 22, 2018, 13 protesters from Tuticorin killed in police firing during the protest against Sterlite factory in Tuticorin. On May 28th Tamilnadu government shuts and seals Sterlite factory. Vedanta group proceeds to National Green Tribunal for reopening the Sterlite factory.

Though Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board doesn’t approves for the reopening. National Green Tribunal still allows to reopen Sterlite factory for maintainence since machines worth 100cr are need to serviced in a short while. Sterlite proceeds to Supreme Court with National Green Tribunal order to ensure Tamilnadu Government support. But SC took a unexpected decision and orders to shut factory by overriding National Green Tribunal order. MDMK General Secretary Mr. Vaiko played a vital role in the judgement his last 45 min argument was a remarkable in the judgement. SC also allows Vedanta can proceed in Madras High Court.

Vedanta proceeds to high court and the hearing postponed after LOK Sabha election in Tamilnadu. In the mean time Vedanta proceeds to Supreme Court for the reopening for maintainence purpose. Two panel justice rejected the plea and Warns Vedanta not to proceed again in Supreme Court if it does huge amount of fine will be imposed. SC also mentions that SC cannot handle the case which is pending in High Court.

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