Earlier this day, Indian Officials made an announcement that Pakistan’s fighter jets crossed Indian borders, Pakistan jets were shot down by Indian Airforce in the operation Indian Aircraft MiG-21 went missing along with 2 pilots. Later it came to know that one Pilot was arrested by Pakistan Army and another went missing.

Later several video footage of the arrest pilot Abhinandan released in the first video he was securely taken to Pakistan military camp from mob and another video Abhinandan hands were tied with rope and walking with Pakistan Army personals. With arrested another video of Abhinandan released while interacting with Pakistan Army officers.

In the latest video released Abhinandan was done with first aid and holding a tea cup and answering questions to Pakistan Army officials. Abhinandan refused to answer several questions like purpose of visit. Abhinandan mentioned that he was from Southern part of India.

Video of Abhinandan dried many hearts of Indian people and started trending with #SayNoToWar and #BringBackAbhinandan. Even Pakistani’s joined the hashtag #SayNoToWar.

Pakistan Clarification on this Incident

Indian Jet crashed in Pakistan and we have arrested Commander Abhinandan and he is in save custody. Pakistan is all set and ready for peace treaty with India. If India wish to have one. If Indian wants to have war we have to reply accordingly.

Indian Clarification on this Incident

Indian Officials took several hours to announce their official statement on this issue. “We strongly Object to Pakistan Vulgar display of personnel of the Indian Air in violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and Geneva convention. It was made clear that Pakistan would be well advised to ensure that no harm comes to defense personnel in its custody. Indian also expects his immediate and safe return.

In the mean time several domestic and international flights are cancelled. Around 20 Air Forces Aircraft from Tambaram Airforce academy started immediately. Hospitals and Schools in Jammu Kashmir are marked with NGO symbols which it should not be attacked by any nation during the war.

It clearly aware that Pakistan is not ready for war and ready for peace and sends ball to Indian officials court.

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