A letter to Sasikala’s relative from jail over the transfer of invalid banknotes has come under investigation by the Income Tax Department.

Sasikala used the money to buy multi-crore assets for herself when the deflation scheme was announced in November 2016, the Income Tax Department said. That is, Rs 1,674 crore of assets have been purchased and Rs 237 crore has been lent.

Details of the purchase of the property using invalid notes were revealed by the Income Tax Department when Sasikala’s relatives raided homes and offices.

This test was carried out by the Income Tax Department in November 2017. It was then that Sasikala was found to have acquired various assets.

Many of his assets were purchased using invalid notes. Various sources have been seized by the Income Tax department. In addition, Sasikala’s legal counsel, prosecutor Senthil, was investigated by various individuals, but Sasikala confirmed the purchase of property using invalid notes.

The Income Tax Department has received a letter written by Sasikala about his purchase of these assets.

The letter was received in November 2017 during a raid on the home of Vivek Jayaraman, son of Sasikala’s sister-in-law.

Sasikala, who was in Bangalore jail, wrote this letter in September 2017. It details what assets have been purchased using invalid banknotes.

Sasikalavai has written it in his bitter Tamil. The letter was received at Vivek Jayaraman’s house.

When the Income Tax Department asked Vivek Jayaraman about 2 months ago, someone handed this letter to a doorman at my door. The guard gave it to me. 

The Income Tax Department asked Vivek Jayaraman to inquire about the date on which the letter was received. But saying I don’t know the date.

When I asked him why the Income Tax Department had kept the letter to him, I thought I should talk to Sasikala about the letter. So I just kept.

Sasikala’s legal counsel asked Senthil to find out whether the signature on the letter was from Sasikala. Income tax officials said he had confirmed that it was Sasikala’s signature.

The Income Tax Department is also investigating the matter with lawyer Senthil. When Senthil told the Income Tax Department, he told me a few days before Jayalalithaa’s death that she was using assets that were not valid. The details are in the letter.

Senthil said he had met Vivek Jayaraman at his home in late September 2017 and had then shown him Sasikala’s letter.

Also in December 2016, Sasikala gave her a cover. When it comes to parole, Vivek Jayaraman said, hand it over to Sasikala.

However, Senthil told the Income Tax department that I had given it to Sasikala the other day.

Sasikala has been sent a notice by the Income Tax Department on the basis of the details of the assets acquired by Sasikala using the invalid note.

In it, you have used a defaulted note and bought several properties across Tamil Nadu. We have accumulated evidence for this. It is said, therefore, to explain.