A plane was hurriedly landed in Moscow’s airport, where it was busy. It was a Super Jet 100 flight which left Moscow from the Northern Russian city of Mormons. Pilots decided to land in a few minutes after the departure of the plane from Northern Russia. Passengers in the place after few minutes shocked to know that fire caught on the back of the plane.  Aeroflot which was run by Russian Airlines.

The flight was immediately landed in the runway of Moscow airport other flights were canceled. The fire spread to the sky. Some passengers escaped through the emergency route. The flight was traveling with 73 passengers and 5 crews, said that this was a safe haven for 37 people, a spokesman for the inquiry committee said. It was found that At least 41 people were killed in the accident. This incident caused great tragedy throughout the country. However, no information has been released yet. Officials said the first trial will be investigated on the grounds of violation of pilots and air safety rules. 

However, some of the survivors of the flight crash claim that the plane is responsible for the crash.

A traveler said, “Lightning hit the plane in just a few minutes after the plane departed.”

Another traveler said, “The plane went off and immediately landed again. I do not know why. As soon as it landed, it would land as quickly as possible on the ground. ”