After No massive amount seized in Duraimurugan’s residence, Schools and Colleges IT department still continuing raids in several other places in Vellore. IT department made a raid in a cement Godown which relates to Duraimurugan’s close associates. 7 Crore was seized in the Godown. MDV Traders name of the Goddown.No links between amount and DMK treasures.

IT department managed to found a file which belongs to “Kingston” college of Engineering. Kingston college belongs to Duraimurugan. it’s been rumored that Sack and Packs of amount seized would have been transferred from Kingston college to cement Godown during the raid happened in Kingston college 2 days before college belongs to KathirAnand the close associate of DuraiMurugan. All the money packs listed with names of the concern ward name belongs to the Vellore Constituency.

All the sacks are printed “Thalapathy” which represents DMK leader M.K. Stalin. All most all the money are perfectly packed and printed with constituency name on it. IT department officially not made any statement expect photos and videos. The election may likely to be canceled in Vellore constituency.

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