A two-judge session refused to interfere with the order of the individual judge who canceled the Rs 360 crore tender relating to the supply of milk.

The tender for tanker trucks was announced on January 7 last year. The initial value of the tender is Rs 360 crore. Deepika Transport filed suit against the tender. Judge Jayachandran had ordered that the tender notice be canceled as the tender was issued when the rules of co-operative election were in force.

16 private milk delivery companies have filed an appeal against the order. The case came to trial yesterday before Justice Vineet Kothari and Justice Karthikeyan.

It was argued in the petitioners’ petition that a separate judge order be imposed and the old tender be ordered. Judges who refused to do so refused to intervene on a separate judge’s order.

With the new rules, Awin has ordered the next tender to be announced and postponed the hearing.

Rajasekar Gnanam

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