Director Ram Gopal Varma, filming movies during the lockdown, He recently launched another project, ‘Thriller’. RGV has chosen another beautiful heroine Apsara Rani for his film. Apsara queen of Odisha grew up in Dehradun. Varma says that the thriller is going to be the same as it is a hot movie. Apsara Rani Hot Photos has introduced the new heroine and also took the publicity to another range. 

Apsara queen is that Varma’s strategy is not to say that the beauty storms are coming in Odisha. RGV’s Thriller Actress Apsara Rani Hot Photos is going viral on social media. Some netizens have even shared photos of Verma getting very close with Queen Apsara.

RGV introduced Apsara in Twitter and shared some of her hot photos.

Heroine Apsara is buzzing as she gives her updates a kiss. Varma asks who is taking the photo at this time of the night. Apsara Rani replying that her mother is a good photographer is a promotion stunt. She tweeted that she was a lead role in the thriller movie and that she was born in Odisha.

Before meeting Apsara,I dint even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane..but after meeting her now ,I realised that Orissa creates all kinds of’s been a great revelation that Orissa has such beauties ..MORE POWER TO ORISSA

Ram Gopal Varma about Apsara Rani in Twitter

Apsara has worked predominantly in the Telugu movie industry. She has worked in popular movies like Oollalla Oollalla, 4 Letters. Ram Gopal Varma changed her name from Anketa Maharana to Apsara Rani for the movie Thriller.

Meanwhile, the number of Apsara’s followers in all the social media platforms is increasing every single minute following her selection by RGV. Before the confirmation of her official Twitter and Instagram handle many users following many fake accounts of her.

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