Karnataka BJP leader and former chief minister Yeddyurappa has announced that he is ready to file a no-confidence motion in the Karnataka assembly elections tomorrow. One of the disgruntled MLAs said he would stay in Congress.

Sixteen MLAs from both parties filed their resignation letters to the Speaker of Parliament against the Congress-secular Janata Dal-led coalition led by Chief Minister Kumaraswamy.

While the Speaker is yet to decide on these issues, one of the dissatisfied MLAs, Naraj, met former chief minister Siddaramaiah yesterday and expressed his support.

Speaking to reporters later, he said he would stay with the Congress party. He said he had asked Sudhakar Reddy, another MLA, not to leave the party.

Other disgruntled MLAs in Mumbai’s star resort have been criticized for their actions.The BJP said it did not want to create a situation for re-election and that it would have to incur heavy costs.