Delhi Police has cracked the case of the horrific death of five members of a family in Northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura and has claimed that they were killed by a close relative.

Five members of a family, including three children, were found dead inside their house in under mysterious circumstances, police had said on Wednesday. Shambhunath, 43, was living in the house with his wife Sunita (38) and three children – sons Shivam (17), Sachin (14) and daughter Komal (12). Neighbours said the family had recently rented the house to live there. 

The cops on Thursday arrested Prabhu Mishra on suspicion of murder. Prabhu allegedly killed the family as he was unable to return Rs 30,000 and was under pressure to pay back the amount, police said. 

Shambhu and Prabhu had got into arguments several times over the issue. 

“Accused is 28-year-old and has been arrested from Delhi. He has said that he got into fight with deceased over money after which he killed the woman and her children with an iron rod. Later, he killed the woman’s husband,” Joint Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar said. 

Further investigation on in the case, he said. 

Police had initially arrested Prabhu on the basis of suspicion. During interrogation, he broke down and confessed to killing five people, police said. 

The bodies were found under mysterious circumstances on Wednesday. The house was locked from the outside and neighbours informed the police after a foul smell emanated from inside. The police received information at around 11.30 am on Wednesday. They broke the door of the house and found the five bodies.

The highly-decomposed bodies were sent for the post mortem examination. They had been killed with a sharp-edged weapon and bore injury marks on their neck and other parts of the body.

Police began the probe from a personal enmity angle as no trace of loot was found in the house. 

Shambhu ran a small juice stall and also drove an e-rickshaw in the locality. He hailed from Bihar’s Supaul district and had rented the house 6-7 months ago. 

Accused gives out details

The accused is a maternal uncle of Shambhu as a distant cousin of his mother. He has revealed that as soon as Shambhu left the house around 3:30 pm on February 3, he reached his home where he had heated arguments with Sunita. Prabhu first attacked Sunita with an iron rod and then strangulated her. As her daughter reached home, he called her upstairs and killed her. 

He then attacked and killed the two sons in different parts of the house. He was inside their home for nearly three and a half hours and killed four family members in different parts of the house. 

After leaving the house, Prabhu sat with Shambhu to drink. Around 11 pm, he went to Shambhu’s home with him and killed. 

On investigation, cops found out that children had not been to school since February 3. This was a clue for them that the killing took place on that day. Police was able to nab the alleged culprit with the help of CCTV cameras. They also located Prabhu’s location in Bhajanpura on that day. 

Courtesy : DNA

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