The parliamentary session has been extended till August 7. As a result, various bills have been filed and passed in Parliament. The Federal Government has sought to pass the Triple Talak Bill. When the bill was first tabled in parliament, AIADMK MP Anwar Raja protested. He argued that the AIADMK would never accept the bill. It was published as a text book in which he spoke in Parliament.

The bill was subsequently tabled in the Lok Sabha on the 27th. The AIADMK has taken an alternative stant against the bill. OP Raveendranath Kumar, a member of the Lok Sabha from Theni, spoke out in support of the bill. “This bill will provide women with equal rights and opportunities in society. The Triple Talak Law Amendment adds to the gender equality enshrined in the Constitution of India. We support the Triple Talak Law Amendment Bill that provides equal rights without imposing social rituals on women. ”

With the Vellore election to be held, such a move by Raveendranath Kumar shocked the party leadership. There was also the allegation that he did not consult the party head. The bill is being presented in the Rajya Sabha today. AIADMK MP Navaneetha Krishnan spoke against the bill. “Some sections of the Muthalak Prohibition Bill, which is being introduced by the Central Government, are unacceptable. The Mutalak Bill should not cause ill effects.

It should be sent to the Parliamentary Select Committee. ” SR Balasubramanian also made the same demand. The AIADMK was accused of maintaining a stand in the Lok Sabha and a seat in the Rajya Sabha in the Muthalak Prohibition.