Vaiko, general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP, has said that he had asked VP Singh, who was the prime minister for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), to provide arms support.

In a Interview to The Hindu

I was quoting a speech delivered by Vajpayee while speaking on the Tamil Eelam issue in Parliament. Vajpayee had said that I see Indira Gandhi as a Durga Devi for creating a Bangladesh as individual country.

Similarly, if you create a separate Tamil Eelam, I will say that millions of Tamils will worship you. Indira Gandhi, who was passionate at the time, declared that Tamils living in the North of Sri Lanka were her natives.

After the meeting, I asked Indira Gandhi’s in the lobby to create a Tamil Eelam. If we take military action then the Upcountry Tamils will suffer; He said they would be trapped between us and Sri Lanka. If so, I think the strategy is to bring all Tamils together. She wanted to me to cooperate with the Government on this issue. Then we stopped talking about this issue after the cabinet ministers arrives ca. Then I went to the Hindu office. Indira Gandhi has a plan for Tamil Eelam.By then the parliamentary session had ended. Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Indira Gandhi had a plan to create a separate Tamil Eelam. When VP Singh was the Prime Minister, I came up with a list of what weapons the LTTE wanted. Prabhakaran gave it to me through LTTE political consultant Anton Balasingham. That list is still on me.

VP Singh has been the one who has had a fondness for me since he was expelled from the Congress. He said he could not help because it was a coalition regime. At the same time, he said it would help dispatch of medicines and the then foreign minister IK. He told me to meet Gujral. Then a senior official from RAW met me and got me a list of medicines. I gave a list of drugs worth a total of Rs 47 lakh. But for some reason it was not sent. I don’t want to share that reason now. I will write about it in my biography book.