MDMK General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Vaiko has sanctioned rupees 1 crore funds to curb Coronavirus Pandemic. The fund has been allocated from Minister’s development fund to the Government of Tamilnadu. Novel Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading all over the world drastically causing several thousand lives all over the world.

Regardless of the Nations Coronvirus spreading and causing lives everywhere. China the First nation to affected by Coronavirus claims that pandemic was controlled in their country. Italy, Spain, and Iran are the nations highly affected and losing lives. Even the Developed nations like The United States of America and the United Kingdom cannot even control the spread. Even Prince Charles is infected with COVID-19 and isolated in Brik Hall.

Though India is 40th position(As on 26th March 2020) in the total number of affected cases with 716 affected cases and 14 deaths it highly difficult to control the pandemic in the second highly populated nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown for 21 days which till April 15th, 2020. The Lockdown is not a cure but prevention.

In a short video released by Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko stated the impact of coronavirus all over the world. He also mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lockdown call. Vaiko also wants cops to show some respect on Vegetable, Milk and other essential suppliers who are using the transports.

Supporting Government at critical situtation is like saving yourself from COVID-19

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko

This ends up being a hindrance for the medical personnel who perform duties on the streets, the distributors of vegetables and dairy products. He said that everyone should isolate themselves in order to save the lives of all. Previously Durai Vaiko Son of Vaiko released a social awareness video on Coronavirus Pandemic.

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