MDMK General Secretary Vaiko has been admitted back to Chennai’s Porur Ramachandra Hospital following a back injury. Vaiko was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Madurai due to poor blood pressure when he went to Madurai to participate in the anti-neutrino campaign yesterday.

On his return to Chennai today, he was taken to Porur Ramachandra Hospital from Chennai airport on the advice of doctors. In this case, the MDMK In a statement released by the headquarters, Vaiko has been asked to stay in good condition and volunteers should not be in sight as he need 2 weeks’ rest.

On 15th August members of MDMK conducted a meeting which was addressed by Vaiko. During the his speech Vaiko mentioned that he was not feeling well so he’s winding up his speech. Few minutes after completing his speech Vaiko left the meeting. Later Vaiko went to Madurai to join the Anti Neutrino protest later he was admitted to Madurai Apollo hospital. Earlier today Vaiko was travelled to Chennai and joined Porur Ramachandra Hospital.

As per the reports Vaiko health condition BP was high in order to control it he needs a sever bed rest.