Announcing his entry into politics at the end of 2017, Rajinikanth said he was currently planning to launch a political party by December 31st, 2020. There has been opposition and support for his political visit to Tamil Nadu from the very beginning. “It is okay if I die for the benefit of the people of Tamil Nadu. If I win it is the victory of the people, if I lose it is the defeat of the people. ”

He also announced Arjuna Murthy, who was the leader of the intellectual wing of the Tamil Nadu BJP, as the party’s chief co-ordinator, and appointed Tamil Aruvi Maniyan as the party’s supervisor. It’s been reported that actor Rajinikanth has given Arjuna Murthy various powers, including the creation of districts, especially the division of 38 districts into 60 districts.

Rajinikanth has informed both Arjuna Murthy and Tamil Aruvi Maniyan about the decisions to be taken by the disciplinary committee and what action to take later. It is to be noted that soon the rooms for the two chief executives in the Raghavendra Wedding Hall will be ready as soon as the rooms are ready.

Rajinikanth flies to Bengaluru to celebrate his Birthday. Many claims this is to avoid large gathering in his Poes Garden house in Chennai. This happens every year. Rajinikanth is about to announce his political party just in less than a month time. Fans are excited to see Rajnikanth before his political Avatar. Some feel they are unhappy with party formation without preference to existing party members.

At the same time, he was involved in the shooting of the film ‘Annatha’. Filming for the film was later halted due to the Corona general freeze. Which is under the production of Kalanithi Maran’s Sun Picture which is directly owned by Maran family.

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