Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi the Brother and Sister Duo doing campaign all over India to make the Congress raise again. Most of the Political parties are working all against BJP to get them down from the Throne. Congress plays a Major role in it. Congress was led by Rahul Gandhi who’s been a campaign against Narendra Modi for the past several years.

Priyanka enter politics several years before but joined as lead and contesting in Lok Sabha in 2019. Rahul along with Priyanka submitted his nomination in Wayand. These Duo recently met in Kanpur airport were these two were travelling to different place from Kanpur. Rahul was travelling in Helicopter whereas Priyanka was making in a Private jet.

In a Short video released by Rahul stating that Am travelling for a long distance in small chopper look my sister Priyanka travelling for a short distance in a Private jet. This funny video went viral in internet. Though these two fighiting for the Congress to continue its legacy Rahul and Priyanka shared their light moment was lovely.

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