Ministry of Information and Technology made a shocking decision and bans TikTok, UC Browser, Shareit, Camscanner, and many other apps in India. Many Indian citizens appreciate the decision made by the Indian Government on the same hand many others criticized the decision by the authorities. These applications are available in both the Android Play Store and App Store for various platforms. All these applications are available in India for many years are ago.

The decision for banning these apps comes after high tension in Indo China border disputes in Ladakh. Around 20 Indian soldiers and 40+ Chinese Soldiers have died in the incident. The United States of America President Donald Trump voluntarily came forward to mediate India and China. Russia in the RIC committee trying best resolve the border dispute between India and China. Indian Army as well as Chinese Army gathering and showing their defense power in the border. Not matter who starts the war but it definitely leads to World War III. Although India stands 2nd when compared to China there are many other countries that could backup.

While Banning Chinese Apps Affects China?

If u still thinking all the 59 Apps banned in India are made of making money it’s definitely wrong. All these applications made by Chinese are made for Data collection, not for income. Most of them are personal photos and Videos (TikTok, YouCam, and Other Camera Apps), Data files(ShareiT, Du, Clean Master, Cam Scanner, and others).

We have already shared enough Data and Information in these applications. No wonder you might have definitely come across the video-sharing application TikTok. Regardless of Age to gender everyone used TikTok and seen many videos in this application. All these data are highly valuable in terms of Cyber War. If security is concerned for India it would have blocked the application earlier.

Users have lost so much of data in these application. Server used for Tiktok and few other apps are directly used by agency which are directly connected to China Defense force.

Why PUBG, Alibaba, AliExpress not blocked in India?

Apart from the 59 Chinese apps, there are few other Chinese apps that are more popular in India. PUBG, Alibaba, and AliExpress. Pubg owned by Tencent group. Asia’s Leading businessman Jack Ma belongs to China. He recently invested in Tencent Groups. Tencent made a huge investment in India. 750 cr worth investment made in Gaana. Jack ma also the founder of Alibaba groups and also part of China’s ruling party Communist Party of China.

PUBG, Alibaba, and Ali Express are directly involved with cash transactions. Banning these apps would seriously incur a huge loss to the Indian Trade Industry. Notably, India Make huge imports from China but according to China India is one of the few countries it supplies product.

All the conclusion banning the entire trade will make just 2% + loss for China in the global market banning these 59 apps will not suppose to make any major loss for them rather than cyber data.

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