Police have stopped Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi who went to her car yesterday to meet former police officer SR Dharapuri in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

So Priyanka got out of Gandhi’s car and walked to Tarapuri’s house to meet her family members.

Speaking to reporters Priyanka Gandhi said that the police had tried to prevent her from getting out of the car and then assaulted her. One woman grabbed her by the neck and another woman pushed her, causing her to fall down.

Female police officer Archana Singh has denied Priyanka’s allegation.
In an interview to reporters in the capital, Delhi, one of the senior leaders of the Congress, Sushmita Dev, accused Priyanka Gandhi of being attacked by police in Lucknow. He also said that the rule of law in Uttar Pradesh has deteriorated and the President’s rule should be implemented.