Prime Minister Modi has asserted that no citizen should be bothered by the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The Central Government has passed the Citizenship Amendment Act to grant non-Muslim citizenship to citizens of India from New Delhi, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. There have been protests throughout the country.

The first outbreak of protests in the northeastern states against the law has spread to other parts of West Bengal and Delhi. Violent incidents took place in Jamia Millia Islamia University students’ protest over the past few days in Delhi. This has caused quite a stir in Delhi.

Prime Minister Modi has appealed for all the people to remain peaceful as the protests are spreading across the country. In a follow-up post on his Twitter account, he said: – The

Citizenship Amendment Act has been passed with the support of a majority of both Houses of Parliament. This law is a defining expression of the culture of acceptance, harmony, compassion, and brotherhood that India has been following for centuries.

I would like to inform my fellow citizens that this law will not harm anyone of any religion in India. No Indians should be bothered by the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The law has been enacted for people who have been harassed outside for years and who have no home other than India.

Debate and protest are only part of democracy. But there is no place in our culture for damaging public property and disrupting normal life. Some selfish forces are dividing and disturbing us with the Citizenship Amendment Act. We should not give room for it.

Peace, solidarity, and brotherhood must all be preserved. It is time for all of us to work together for the development of every Indian, especially for the welfare of the poor. So I urge everyone not to listen to jokes and misinformation and stay away from those who make them. He has thus stated.