United States of America’s President Donald Trump tells US Navy to shoot down and destroy Iranian ships.

President Donald Trump made a tweet on Wednesday that was ordered US Navy to destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if there harass us ships at sea.

As per United States Navy report last Wednesday that 11 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy boats conductor dangerous and harassing approach repeatedly crossing the boss and sterns of the US Navy ships. Navy ships issues multiple warnings over bridge Bridge radio and sounded their orange but those Iranian boards did not responded for the the warning messages for more than an hour. Finally responding to the message Iranian vessels moved away from us ships.

This incident happened during the joint operations with army AH-64E Apache Attack helicopters in the Persian Gulf along with USS Lewis B. Puller, the destroyer USS Paul Hamilton, and patrol ships USS Firebolt and USS Sirocco, USCGC Wrangell and USCGC Maui,

The US ship Puller was used as a landing based platform for the army helicopters in the operations. Earlier USA killed top Iranian general in a Drone Strike following Iran retaliated with the Missile strike on US forces.

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