The President of The United States of America diverting PPE consignments to his own nation.

The United States of America the most highly affected nation in the world due to Coronavirus. Lots of controversies surrounding the nation about coronavirus precautionary measures failed to taken to protect the people of the nation. Reports claimed that information about the pandemic was informed to President Trump before the event but Trump’s strategic team failed to take action immediately. Delay in precautionary measures Leeds to The United States become the number one country to be affected coronavirus.

Stories rounding about the virus were the biological war started by China. If China initiated the biological war that wouldn’t be starting from China. Wuhan the epicenter of China wouldn’t be the best choice to start. If China wants to start a biological war that too in China it would be a sea-based City. Maybe the virus could have leaked from Wuhan biological Warfare lab accidentally. This couldn’t be a biological war but the intent to become an economical giant by defeating America.

The virus started its intense during the Chinese new year. China could able to control this virus pandemic within 2 months. Productions of the companies in China stopped until March 24th as per export data. This deadline was announced to China in early February. Exactly Chinese productions are resumed after 24th where the Coronavirus to be controlled in China.

China is the fast and best manufacturer of PPE.

PPE full form

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.

What is PPE

Personal protective equipment is a form of protecting a person who is handling or treating any virus or any researches which could cause pandemic for damages to the person.

PPE is currently required all over the world to treat coronavirus patients. Without personal protective equipment treating the coronavirus patient, it would be with a maximum high risk of causing pandemic more and more. China is the largest manufacture and country without coronavirus now is supplying protective all types of equipment to all Nations.

Neighbouring country India I have ordered around 1 lakh equipments from China to treat the patients. The consignments which are about to delivered to India are moved to United States at last minutes. Trump previously warned India with retaliation to supply hydroxychloroquine. Sales India banned the export of hydroxychloroquine to any other Nation. Few minutes after the thread from Trump India agreed to supply I hydroxychloroquine with humanity.

Trump and Narendra Modi shared their gratitude in Twitter among themselves.

Tamilnadu State chief secretary in a press briefing mentioned that the 100000 equipment that are needed to be e supplied to India are diverted to the United States at the last minutes and the suppliers assured to supply another set of products very soon.

Trump during the retaliation interview also mentioned that they have placed huge number of order 2 to 3M company for protective equipments. It’s been reported that Trump diverting PPE orders to United States last minute by paying huge sum of money.

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