Ponmagal Vandhal with a lead role as Jyothika movie released in Amazon Prime video after lots of controversies. The movie was produced by actor Surya’s official production company 2D entertainment. Jyothika has been recently doing individual movies rather than pairing with any other Heros. Her latest movies are notable won in their career.

Movie was planned to release on on March 27th in theatres but due to the lockdown release date of the movie postponed subsequently. OTT rights for the movie where sold to Amazon prime videos. Since the movie date was confirmed to release on March 27th after 2 months of time Prime decided to release in online. The today’s were fixed earlier movie release date was stopped due to global pandemic but OTT platform days cannot be Stopped since the date was signed earlier.

The 1.57 minute trailer crossed 13 Million views in Youtube

Watch Ponmagal Vandhal Online

Movie distributors started threatening actor Surya and his associate to Blacklist them. Which includes actor Karthi Surya’s brother and Jyothika Surya’s wife. Regardless of the lead actor Surya releasing the movie in Amazon prime videos. Ponmagal Vanthal would be the first Tamil movie to keep theatres and to be released in online for the very first time.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Story

Movie was based on psycho thriller murder case. Petitioner K Bhagyaraj reopen case which was closed on 2004. Story is about serial killer who kidnaps and murders several people in Ooty named Psycho Jyoti. Joyti case closed in 2004 and Court confirms Jyoti as the accuse. Actress Jyothika passionate lawyer tries to you and will the real truth about the psycho Jyoti case who is her Mother. Parthiban fight against Jyothika to prove Joyti was the Convict. Jyothika( Venba) have no strong evidence to prove her mother innocence tries hard to break all the fabricated evidence against Joyti. How she managed to get the justice and who was the real accuse are the thrilling moments in the movie.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review

Movie revolves completely in the Court scenes. Around 80% movie shot in court room scene. There are no major physical performance and actions in the movie court sequence for well tailored. Jyothika’s expressions in every scenes were portrayed her as a real advocate. Apart from Jyotika five other directors where part of the movie K bakyaraj, Parthiban, Pandiarajan, Pratap Pothen and Thiagarajan.

Cast And Crew

Directed byJ. J. Fredrick
Produced bySuriya
Written byJ. J. Fredrick
Music byGovind Vasantha
Edited byRuben
2D Entertainment
Distributed byPrime Video
Release date29 May 2020 (OTT)
Running time120 minutes

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