Rural Local Government elections in Tamil Nadu The first phase of the election is being held today (Friday) at 7 am. Polling is held until 5pm. 
In the first phase, there will be 260 District Panchayath Ward Members, 2,546 Panchayath Ward Members, 4000 Gram Panchayath Ward Members and 37,830 Grama Panchayath Wards who are contesting for 156 Municipal Councils.

There are 24,680 polling stations. 30 million voters cast their votes in the first phase. 702 election officials and there will be 7 or 8 officers on a ballot. There are 63 thousand police personnel deployed for security purposes.

The State Election Commission has imposed some restrictions on the candidates contesting. No candidate should set up camps, especially within 200 meters of the polling station. If there is more than one ballot in the same premises, a candidate must set up only one camp beyond 200 meters for all ballots.

Avoid unnecessary crowding in these camps. These shelters should be simple without posters, flags, logos or other promotional materials. Do not allow snacks or people to gather in the camps. There are restrictions imposed on voters not to offer bribes or gifts.

Requesting electoral support within 100 meters of the polling station is a crime under election law. The Election Commission has warned that no voter, other than a voter, should enter the ballot box without obtaining the appropriate permit.