PMK party member Ramalingam recently released a video in Facebook he has been arguing with Muslim missionaries. The reason behind the argument still remains unknown. In the video its certainly clear that Ramalingam was having a heated conversation with Muslim missionaries. Speech in Ramalingam video shows that Muslim missionaries trying to make a religious conversion. Video went viral all over the social media.

Ramalingam Murder

This happened on the day PMK lead Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss made an announcement that PMK may have an alliance with ADMK. ADMK has already had a plan of joining with BJP. Most probably PMK could be in the sides of BJP.

Ramalingam death turns in to mystery who did the murder remains unknown. There people complaining in social media that this murder could to create communal riots in Tamilnadu. These religious riots in Tamilnadu are rarest case. So far 5 people were arrested in connection with of Ramalingam. 5 people belongs to PFI

Is it staged drama Ramalingam became a victim of the political influences ? The mysterious death of Ramalingam could be solved only by Tamilnadu police departement.

Twitter now trending with #JusticeForRamalingam and #Ramalingam. To be on other North Indians and more keen in brining justice for Ramalingam. Which makes several twitter users mysterious doubts. Those Twitter accounts are regualar supporters of Hindutuva,Modi, and Sterlite.

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