Prime Minister Modi’s discussion with students and teachers has been postponed to the 20th of this month.

Prime Minister Modi is holding a discussion with students and teachers to encourage schoolchildren to write exams without any stress. He was scheduled to hold a 16th annual discussion this year.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has conducted a special essay competition for students studying in grades 9 to 12 to select the participants. It was also advised that the 16-year-old students attending the discussion should come to school.

But due to the Pongal festival, the 16th day of the school holidays in Tamil Nadu, that day, the students came to the school to protest. In this regard, the DMK is not the only one. The opposition parties, including the Opposition, were bitter.

Similarly, schools in other states have been given holidays on 16th due to festivals including Makar Sankranti. Therefore, students from those states had difficulty participating.

Following this, Prime Minister Modi’s talk show has been shifted to the 20th of January. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Human Resources Development,

Prime Minister Modi said the program was scheduled to be held on the 16th. There was much enthusiasm and enthusiasm among students, teachers, and parents for this. They were keen not only to participate in this unique event but also to write down the exams without the stress and get the PM’s tips for winning.

But due to festivals including Pongal and Makar Sankranti, this discussion is not possible on the 16th. So PM Modi’s discussion with students and teachers will be held on 20th (Monday).

This is stated in the statement.