Chief Minister of New Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announced that plasma therapy on coronavirus infected patients gives positive responses. Plasma therapy tried for patients at loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan Hospital. The results are really encouraging. He mentioned that Delhi government has received permission from central government. To do plasma therapy on serious coronavirus affected patients and to check the results of it.

Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital was allowed to do the trial and the implemented trial on four patient result was really encouraging. Three more patients in Delhi were treated by plasma therapy but the results are yet to know.

We have started a trial of Plasma therapy with much thought four patients have seen encouraging results and will give plasma therapy three more coronavirus infected patients on Friday

Dr SK Sarin director of Institute of liver and biliary science

He also mentioned that preliminary plans were taken together.

Plasma therapy for Coronavirus

It is an experimental procedure for COVID 19 affected patients. In this method plasma taken from patients who are recovered from coronavirus disease is transferred to Coronavirus patients who are in critical condition. Plasma injected Would increase the immunity of the the person and helps to fight against the virus inside human body.

What is Plasma

Plasma is a liquid portion of the blood that remains after the the red blood cells and white blood cells platelets and other cellular components. Plasma is helpful in transporting medium of cells and substances to human body. Source plasma is Plasma that is collected from healthy voluntary Donor through process of Plasmapheresis

Central Government permitted only a few steps to perform this therapy in a Limited number of coronavirus patients. Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab have already received permission to do the plasma therapy for COVID19 affected patients. Then national capital Delhi which received the permission days earlier also shows a positive sign of results.

Since the plasma are taken from COVID 19 affected people over 40 Tablighi Jamaat ready to donate plasma for patients.

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