Singer Shweta Pandit who is married to Italian film producer Ivano Fucci has been living in Florence, Italy from the past six months. She has been witnessing the ongoing lockdown of the country due to coronavirus outbreak. Last week, the Prime Minister of Italy had announced that people can only step out if urgent until April 3, 2020. Now, during an interaction with HT Cafe, Shweta has spoken at length about Italy’s lockdown.

She stated, “Despite the initial panic, there’s a sense of togetherness among everyone. People seem to have accepted the lockdown. The squares are empty, and the usual morning crowds are nowhere to be seen. I saw how quickly the authorities took the decisions — they value human life more than the billions they will lose due to this lockdown. More than a struggle, I see the country triumph over this pandemic.”

Shweta further shared, “You can move about for three reasons – for work, though many are working from home, health purposes, and basics provisions. A self-declaration form needs to be carried even if we’re commuting a short distance. If stopped, we’re cross-checked for its authenticity, or else we’re fined. If you’re sick and moving around in your car, it becomes an act of homicide.”

The singer had earlier shared a post on her Instagram page and wrote, “The pandemic can either go away or come in a bigger force. Be ready either way. Stay safe world #coronavirus #coronaoutbreak”

On being quizzed about tests being undertaken for coronavirus, the singer said, “An ambulance will reach your house in five minutes and the necessary action will be taken.”

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