A Week after attack on Pulwama distrit in Kashmir Indian turned out his alliance with Pakistan and also removed Most Favoured Nation status for Pakistan. Indian are in high rage over Pakistan due to Pakistan based terrorist group Jaish -e- Muhammed. Indian wanted to a Surgical strike and some Indian wanted to have war on Pakistan. Several Companies trashed their employees over their post in social media supporting Pakistan.

Several Pakistan actors were banned in Bollywood industry. Indian based cricked apps like Cricbuzz and Dream 11 removed Pakistan players and PSL from their application. Imran Khan made an announcement that Pakistan was no way involved in attack made on Pulwama and If India wants to have war Pakistan is ready to face it.

A Journalist from Pakistan made an initative to stop all this with a simple hastag #AnitHateChallenge. Journalist Sehyr Mirza from Lahore, Pakistan who Writes for DAWN, The News, Outlook India.She is also a Co-Founder SAMAAJ. She posted a picture of herself holding “I am Pakistani and i condemn Pulwama Terrorist Attack”. Picture gets more response from Pakistani which made several people to do the same.

She also mentioned that people wanted to maintain the brother and sisterhood between the people of India and Pakistan.

In response to picture Indians made a reply that “No People incline towards terrorism and Pakistanis are our friends”.

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