Pakistan international flight from lahore crashed near karachi airport just few minutes before landing. It was airbus a 320 was about to land this afternoon. Flight was carrying 91 passengers and a crew members on board. The PIA flight pk 8303 when down in a populated residential area jeena garden near model colony which is fuel kilometers from jeena international Airport.

This incident comes after you days pakistan allowed commercial airlines to resume operations which were really stop due to the lockdown. Final moments before the crash recorded on flight tracking website one of the pilot can be heard telling at traffic controller that they have lost both engines before sending International distress message MayDay MayDay Mayday.

The casualties of the incidents remains unknown. Not only the passengers and crew members but also the residents of the area are affected by the crash. Sofa 25 residence of the area is injured and reported to be admitted to the local Hospital.

After the crash several houses in the area or on fire which was shown in Pakistan media. Smoke could be seen everywhere in the sky as the ambulance try to make their way through.Pakistan Civil Aviation authority confirms that communication with the plane was cut of a minute before in crashes.

Distance from Karachi to Lahore is around 1020 kilometre which will take around 2 hours to complete the flight travel.

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