One Plus made unexpected adverstiment for its upcoming new model. All you just can figure out is an Bucket full of Water. OnePlus is continuing its relentless teaser campaign for its soon to be launched One Plus 7and One Plus 7 Pro smartphones. The company has done its fair share of irreverent marketing in the past, but this is something else.

One Plus 7 not planning to have an official IP rating for water test rather it would drop the phone a bucket full of water and let the customer know about what the phone is actually worth for.

What is an IP rating?

Ingress Protection rating let’s the users to know about how much is their device is waterproof. IP rating comes with two digit number IP67 and IP68 first digit refers to solid whereas Second refers to liquid.

Not sure about the exact reasonbut it mentions as IP rating purchase makes a higher cost which makes the phone cost highe. To make the users believe about the product worthiness on waterproof company plans to drop phone on waterbucket. Let’s see how it works until the launch

  • 6.67″ curved AMOLED display⁣
  • Snapdragon 855⁣
  • 8GB RAM⁣
  • 256GB storage ⁣
  • 48 + 16 + 8MP⁣
  • Pop-up selfie⁣
  • WaterProof