Over 1 crore people in 47 days visited AthiVaradhar temple. The Varadharaja Perumal temple at Kanchipuram started on July 1. Since the beginning of the ritual, over 1 crore people have visited the city in the last 47 days, not only local, foreign, but also overseas. Special arrangements were made on behalf of the district administration to make the pilgrimage effortless for the visitors. Republican President Ramnath Govind, Governor of Tamil Nadu, Central Ministers, Tamil Nadu Ministers, Former Ministers, Political Party figures and Cinema stars have continued to be seen

On the last day of the day, the Adhikrthavara was blessed with devotees wearing a rose and yellow silk. Devotees have been waiting till midnight since yesterday, the 16th day of the day, which is the last day of the dusk, the 31 days of the celestial world. Since the VIP dharsan entry ended yesterday, the average number of vehicles coming out of the car, including the van, was average. Millions of people have gathered since the last day of the vision of the Adivatars. It was announced at 5 pm yesterday that the vision would end. But, as the last day of the day, the crowd of devotees increased, it continued till midnight. About 1 crore pilgrims have visited the site, according to the district administration. As a result, a large number of police were deployed throughout Kanchipuram.