TTV who has started Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam after he was expelled from ADMK by Edappadi Palanichamy and O. Panneerselvam AMMK contesting in Lok Sabha and also in By election. AMMK is contesting in all constituencies along with SDPI support. In the election Campaign TTV Dhinakaran mentioned that ADMK is working for Modi. If ADMK can’t win 8 sears in By election not only Modi even his father cannot save ADMK.

TTV Dhinakaran is the MLA of RK Nagar constituency who contested in RK Nagar as a independent candidate without any support of any party. TTV defeated almost all major parties in RK Nagar. ADMK can’t even win in Jayalalitha’s constituency. DMK lost deposit. BJP gets lesser number of votes than NOTA. ADMK claims that he won only because of token system. TTV Dhinakaran becomes a major threat to ADMK.

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