North Korea in order to overcome the financial crisis and to make nuclear test have created room number 39. Room number 39 is an organization formed by North Korea to raise funds in any manner whether it is legal or illegal but there Moto is to raise funds for the country.

It is expected that room number 39 his in operations from 1970 and was designed to rescue North Korea from the world financial crisis. Several Nations all around the world have imposed an economic ban on North Korea due to their Nuclear missile test which is banned in various Nations. To overcome the economic ban North Korea room number 39 working to make huge revenue in any manner.

Around 400 million pounds to 1.6 million pounds are gained by North Korea every year approximately by producing counterfeit notes of various countries’ illegal gold export and many other activities all done by room number 39 Association. There are many other illegal activities like drug gold export duplicate Viagra illegal products that are handled by room number 39 for the sole purpose of revenue generation.

Kim Jong-Un the supreme leader of North Korea owns about 4 billion Pounds in assets and owns Island. He also wants a luxury cruise, do Kim Jung I want to drive cars normally he owns a line of expensive cars in his garage. Around 60% of the North Korean population or lives under poverty expect the supreme leader Kim jong family and the Associates of the high-level authority for only living in prosperity.

Kim Jong and his family are reportedly enjoying the world amenities which are not allowed in North Korea via room number 39. But to the people of the country, no other world amenities are supported and they can’t even imagine it.

The illegal market drugs manufactured in North Korea illegally are highly valuable in Japan China and other Asian countries. Around 82 million pounds of US 100 dollar currency was in circulation in the United States in 2001 which was made by North Korea’s room number 39.

Surprising in imports made from countries like China are actually made in North Korea horse being circulated in France Italy and South Korea.

Kim Jong was recently disappeared from the public appearance for several days which made rumors that he was dead since he has not attended any public gatherings in recent times. Later it comes to know that you were resting in a private resort in North Korea.

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