North Korea Supreme chief Kim Jong is under critical health condition recently he had underground cardiovascular surgery. Some intelligence officials said that Kim would be incapacitated. Since North Korea is a closed-in search serious information will not be revealed very soon.

The world reports a huge number of serious coronavirus case. But the number of cases in North Korea remains unknown. Several unofficial informations claims Kim would have been affected by coronavirus. Since he have undergone cardiovascular surgery recently the impact of the virus to have made him to serious situation.

Kim was missing for several days and he have not appear to public. He even skipped his grandfather birthday a on April 15th. This information made the world to look at North Korea. Kim lost appeared on April 11th for media briefing. This was expected to be the first time Kim missing any festival celebration of his grandfather.

As per the information of South Korea presidential office chairman Kim Jong is currently touring professional areas with close aides and we do not detect evidence to support speculations about his ill health condition. Even North Korea worker’s party military or cabinet is not showing any special movements such as the emergency declaration in North Korea. South Korea believes Kim is active as normal as before.

Robert O’Brien President Donald Trump’s national security advisor said that we are monitoring these reports closely since North Korea is a closed Nation information to be leak is involves hi danger. But any serious information would be reveal as soon as we receive.

When the whole world is under coronavirus crisis only Nation that doesn’t care of coronavirus is North Korea Kim Jong is only person to test Nuclear missile during this coronavirus pandemic. One of the powerful leader among the world Kim Jong is believed to be only 36 years old. Due to obesity smoking and overtime working cause them such health condition.

In 2014 Kim Jong disappeared from public appearances for more than a month which also created speculations about his health. After he returned South Korea’s intelligence said he had a cyst removed from his ankle.

Donald Trump about Kim Jong health

President Donald Trump said that two countries United States of America and North Korea have a great relationship but added he wants them to pay more for the US presence in the country the two countries have missed multiple deadlines for or several negotiations and now in-person negotiations are hindered due to the coronavirus pandemic

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