A controversial case of child trafficking and incarceration was filed in the Gujarat state of Ahmedabad last week.

Police conducted a raid on one of his ashrams in the area and rescued four children. The police also arrested a few others, including two female ashram administrators.

Meanwhile, Nithyananda has been charged in the Karnataka State’s Ramnagar court for allegedly raping a female disciple who was staying at the ashram. Some more cases are being heard in various courts against him. But Nithyananda has left India.

The Karnataka court has ordered to bring him back to India. The central government and the state government of Karnataka have taken steps to extradite him to India after he was allegedly hiding in Ecuador.

However, the Central Government has said that no information about Nithyananda has yet been received. Union Foreign Ministry Raveesh Kumar told reporters in Delhi yesterday.

“We have sought the embassies and governments of many countries in an attempt to find Nityananda,” he said. We have asked Nithyananda if he has any information. But when Ecuador contacted the country, it was reported that he had left.